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Opening and Plenary

Behavioral Interventions to Advance Self-Sufficiency: What We Learned and What’s Next


Building Research Capacity in Human Services Agencies


Severe Deprivation: What We Know and Don’t Know about Deep Poverty in the United States


Reducing Economic Hardship: Encouraging Asset Development among Low-Income Individuals and Families

Lunch Symposium

Rapid-Cycle Testing: Lessons from the Private Sector


Poor, Unemployed, and Without Cash Assistance: Characteristics, Circumstances, and Survival Strategies of Disconnected Families


The Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act: Federal Interagency Coordination, State Implementation, and Research Opportunities


The Family Options Study: Short-Term Impacts and Special Topics on the Special Service Needs of Homeless Families

Closing and Plenary

Replication Studies of Evidence-Based Programs and Policies


Improving the Efficiency of Delivering Work Supports for Low-Income Families: Findings from the Work Support Strategies Evaluation