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Opening Remarks and Welcome


Remaking the Safety Net


New Findings in the Application of Behavioral Insights to Child Support Services


ACF’s Career Pathways Evaluation Findings: What Have We Learned and Future Directions for the Field


You Shall Not Pass: The Use of Evaluation Tollgates in Building Evidence for Social Programs

Day 2 Opening Remarks and Plenary

Implementing the Recommendations of the Commission on Evidence-Based Policymaking


The Impact of Different Approaches to Providing Job Search Services to Low-Income Job Seekers

Lunch Symposium

The Responsiveness of the Safety Net to the Changing Geography of Poverty


Promoting Healthy Relationships Among Youth Through Healthy Marriage and Relationship Education


Serving the Hardest to Employ: Evidence from Evaluations of Subsidized Employment Programs


Deepening Our Understanding of Racial and Ethnic Differences and Disparities

Closing Remarks and Plenary

Parents and Children Together: Findings from an Experimental Evaluation of Six Healthy Marriage and Responsible Fatherhood Programs


Using Research to Better Understand and Close the Opportunity Gap for Low-Income Youth